Crypto and Gaming

What happens when you combine a multi-trillion dollar community with millions of users, and a multi-billion dollar industry with billions of users?

Developers belonging to DeFi focused cryptocurrency are attempting something truly revolutionary. They are attempting to see what happens when that question is put into a real world scenario.

Project Quantum Works is one of many gaming companies that are attempting to bridge the gap between crypto, NFTs, and gaming. By using the latest technology in gaming (such as the Unreal Engine 5), these companies want to create games and franchises to rival the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, with one significant twist – You very well may earn real world money just by playing.

NFT and crypto games have been around for a notable amount of time. Some of the most popular crypto based games at the moment are as follows:

1. Axie Infinity
2. Sorare
3. Evolution Land
4. Gods Unchained
5. Cryptokitties

(According to

The list of NFT and crypto games are growing at an exponential rate. These developments are no less than revolutionary for active gamers around the globe. Rather than spend hard earned money on a game that very well might be not as popular in less than a year, (and to be offered a completely new installment in the series at full retail price) this offers gamers an alternative. To be rewarded in the form of collectible in game items that can be transitioned into crypto, to transition into cash, to do with as they please.

In addition, there are games being developed for all player preferences. Card games, FPS games, Strategy games, Puzzle games, etc. At this current time, there is a game in the works for most individuals preferences. But this is sure to expand in the coming years as more ambitious companies sign up for the tall order of combating the traditional gaming scene, with a game that deliberately gives back to gamers.

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This new style of gaming does raise serious concerns. In light of the recent 2017 Class Action against Electronic Arts ‘Starwars Battlefront 2’, around their infamous ‘loot-box system’, one can’t help but wonder what legal liabilities may result from a game that pays its player base?

The Class Action against EA had exposed a dangerously addictive system that enticed their player base to ‘buy into’ the game in the form of pure, unregulated gambling. Players would purchase in game slot machines that would routinely and disproportionately, reward their player base. Case studies into this predicament showed that players were faced with ‘severe unlikelihood’ that one would be rewarded with any significant or rare item by purchasing these in-game consumables.

In addition, the player would soon come to realize they could not progress in these games without the purchase of these consumables. This resulted in Electronic Arts having to pay $40,000,000 to the members of the Class Action Lawsuit. (This very well may have proven to be the start of a long line of Law Suits, since another suit was opened against EA just last year (2020) for the same reasons.)

Going forward into this new era of gaming is exciting as it is concerning. Will we see suits similar to the EA loot box experience?

Or is something more damaging and manipulative in the works?

Only time can answer such questions as we go on to explore the ever expounding world of cryptocurrency and its seemingly endless reach on the many aspects of modern society.

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